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One of the greatest feelings in the world is getting rewarded for doing something you absolutely love. It is an opportunity only a few are lucky to have. If you enjoy driving or intend to create a career out of it; True Nation Logistics Company is the best place to start. Our company is the fastest growing logistics company in the United States and members of our staff take home highly competitive remunerations weekly; not forgetting the deep motivation and bonus reward for performance and excellence that is our practice.

We have built a formidable workforce over the years, a healthy working environment and an impeccable reputation for quality service delivery. When you choose the path to a fulfilling truck driving career at True Nation Logistics Company; you are guaranteed to enjoy the incredible working condition in our organization and constantly smile to your bank after receiving every pay check.

So, if you are an experienced solo or team driver with at least 6 months hands-on knowledge of the job, aged 21 years and above and passionate about growing your income and earnings up to $2800/week plus other mouth-watering benefits, then we welcome you on board.

Work Your Way

We offer our company truck drivers unbeatable Rates Per Mile (RPM) and percentage programs to choose from, putting the power in your hands.  Solo and team drivers are required as well for Owner Operators (2016 or newer truck models).

With less than 2 years of OTR driving experience under our Rate Per mile program; you could upgrade your living standard and create a niche for yourself in an organization that thrives on hard work and commensurate reward policy. Earn an average of $2,800 per week (summing up to a whooping $115k per year) for driving between 2,398 – 3,300 miles or scale up to the top 10% that make at least $2,211 per week totaling about $95k annually by being a solo driver.


For Solo drivers with more than 2 years’ experience, the pay is juicier. Under this category, our company drivers who cover 2,398 – 3,300 miles weekly go home with nothing less than $2,300 ($110k per year). 


Team drivers of 5,372 – 6,637 miles get $4, 297 weekly summing up to 196k yearly and it gets even better depending on the miles covered.

What are you waiting for? Begin a rewarding career at True nation Logistics Company today and your future will thank you for it.

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